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Hey everyone! Time for a bit of report on our whereabouts! Here come some busy weeks!

We’re continuously working on Qasir al-Wasat translations and updates, the portuguese version is around 70% of it’s first draft! On separate threads, our localization collaborators around the world are doing their magic bringing the game to many many different languages! This release, when it arrives, we’ll be truly special!

Qasir has been reviewed and spotted by some neat sites by now, and we’re extremely happy with the reception! We’ve been seen in RockPaperShotgun and beyond, in Poland, Italy, Portugal and even here, in our native Brazil, at Gamesfoda and ArenaIG! This is just the begining, and we expect to see the game gain more traction as the Goeatian word is passed on!!

Speaking of traction, festival season is nigh!!! We’ll be at some of them and hope to meet y’all there!


This is a quick schedule of our trips:

INDIECADE - Culver City, California
4-8 October

also: our Guys and Gal will arrive  in Culver one day earlier, and stay in California for a few days, this should make it easier to meet everyone!

11-14 October

SB-GAMES - Brasilia
2-4 November

BIG Festival - São Paulo
28-29 November

If you want to meet us please reach us on twitter @aduge! Or talk directly with @maperns and @vermonde!


Another quick update. Just a heads up as Qasir is now also available as a pre-order on Indievania. Indievania is an awesome indie game marketplace that gives 100% of the sale price to the developers, which means more support to the devs on each individual sale. To nab your pre-order there, just follow the link.

Hello Everyone!

We have really big news today: Qasir Al-Wasat is finally on pre-order!

Soon you can grab your copy at, with a 25% discount off the final price, and receive a demo! (By the way many thanks to Cesar Schrega for being awesome and helping us designing the site!)

It’s been a long time since our last official update, and as you can already imagine, we’ve come a long, long way. Everything just looks, and sound, and feels so different, you could say we are working on a distinct game. As you’ve probably noticed from the video, the art direction was remodeled to resemble the stunning Persian Miniatures from the 15th century. I’m sure Maperns will develop this topic in details in a future post. <pressure>

In the sound realm, a new ambiance was added to the internal rooms. This, added to the fact we’ve been putting a lot of emphasis on investigation and puzzles, has refined the atmosphere of the game to a whole new level. The Artificial Intelligence of the guards was improved, the Palace has some new inhabitants (a new kind of guard and a new kind of civilian), and we’ve also implemented a huge list of “those little details that make all the difference”, including some (secret) new areas. And last but not least, the game now has a gorgeous menu and map! (hurray!)

In the near future, expect us to release a new video, and believe me, it will be just amazing!

See you soon!

Hello everyone!

I’m very glad to announce that Tsar Project is now officially  in production!

The next Tsar Update Bruno will lay more details in every department’s work, but for now I’ll give you a shot from the studio and some information on my work:

In the background our beautiful 64sq ft pinning board, full of references and WIPs, including beta versions of the game’s map, sound design equalization and chord maps, plot drafts and else. It is a greatly useful feature for a creative studio, indeed.

Those in the foreground are little models I’ve done recently of two types of guards we’ll have in the Kremlin, they’re made of platicine, and still WIP, but are already useful in finding the right angle for their sprites.

Behind them you can (NOT) see three models of our protagonist, in whom my work is focused now, primarily in doing his basic movements animations and sprites.

Last but not least there is the Tsar Project logo!!! We have decided to use the same principle of the studio’s visual ID in our in development projects, so the typography is the same Cedilha Script and the logo in a brush stroke monogram of Tsar (actually, Царь).

Type to you later, and have a nice week!

Yesterday was Aduge’s 3rd birthday!!!

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