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You asked for it, now here it is!
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Hello everyone.

Well, March was a quick month as we barely saw it pass us by!

But, oh well, it’s April already and where is Qasir al-Wasat? In case nobody noticed, we estimated a late March release for Qasir and yet the game is not released. Turns out that finishing a game is an amazing adventure of finding out that everything is nowhere near finished. So yes, Qasir al-Wasat was nowhere near finished. Ok, it was not that unfinished, but it needed enough polish and finishing touches that would warrant a delay. In the end, we hadno choice but to delay the release of the game in order to give it those finishing touches and features and give us a reasonable time for that final bugfixing and polishing work.

The new release date is up in the air, but it is not because we have no idea of when we are going to finish the game (we do), but because we are studying the best time-frame to release it. If you don’t live under a rock, you know that there is a huge game release looming and we are kind of not wanting to release Qasir on the same week as that behemoth. And yes, this means we have a May release date, just not the exact day pinned down yet.

That said, here is some updates on how Qasir is shaping up as March was a handful of hard work and progress with development. In these past few weeks we actually finished the two major features that was missing from the game, which were both mini-game puzzles we designed to add to the stealth action-adventure core mechanics. Also, we deepened the efficiency of the investigation mechanic, with a new section on the menu where the player can review every bit of important info he gathered during play.  We are currently testing all of this, improving and polishing both interface and design of the given features.

Other than that, as of right now, we are polishing the game’s initial scenes and the general presentation.With those two done right, we will have a good enough opening and early game to be able to release a free public demo for everyone that is curious about the game, but don’t want to pre-order it blindly. We are also tweaking the final areas of the game for them to be more engaging, by adding some new challenges and puzzles while at it. The endgame is shaping up very nicely, although it still needs some polishing here and there as our testers pointed out.

Well, that’s it for now! It’s getting there, it’s coming.

See you soon and meanwhile check some screens from our latest build after the break!

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