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So… Long time, no see. How are you doing?
Really? That’s great! I’m very fine also!
Actually, I’m quite happy! I’ve moved, have you heard?
Oh, no? So! I’m living in this wonderful place now, just next to the Uni…
Yes, yes, there in the centre. A very nice apartament!
Oh! There’s plenty of space! Much better then the old one!
Ha! Now that’s a good question! You see, my last landlord was kind of confused about the taxes, arguing about the most nonsensical matters, so, move was the right thing to do.
Yeah, yeah… I know, this landlords are always a problem…
My own place? Of course I would love to have one! By the way that’s the plan, get rid of any lord at all. Be really independent, you see?
Right, right, let’s change the subject. Hum… Let me see… Oh! This last week, it was my second anniversary, do you believe?
Oh! Thanks! It’s very kind of you! Thanks!
Yes! Yes! We are really very happy together, those have been the greatest 2 years of my life!
For the future? Well, we do have some plans together… We’ve some travels booked, maybe we’ll move again…
Where? Buenos Aires would be great.

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