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So, working a lot?
Here is a mess, all week long, and even in weekends, do you believe?
Oh, sure, it’s worth the pain. The results are so great lately, makes me very happy!
Uh… Yes, yes, I’m kinda different indeed. Have been planing this for a while, make some changes.
Srsly? Nice that you’ve liked! It was hard to choose, you see? But ended up being a good deal to wait, right?
How have I done? Eh, another day I’ll tell you, it’s a little  complicated, all this choosing-colors stuff.
Yes! I went through making all the project before, it’s awesome!
And else? Nice, all right, we appeared in some neat blogs these days, and are due to end one more big step in the works.
Yes, time goes by! Soon it will be three years…
Remember the last time we’ve talked? I had just moved…
Right! Show up there some day, then I tell you all about the colors and else!
Sure, we can have an espresso, then!

Semblante posted on Play This Thing!

Even though our priority is the Tsar Project, we didn’t left Semblante behind. We’re sitll working on it to improve the gameplay and sharpen the game concept, looking forward to achieve a more complet experience on what’s been proposed for the game.
We just got extra motivation! =)

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