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Just a shout-out. Our deadline of August 31st is just a few days away and we are currently doing some finishing touches on our next release. It will still be a closed Alpha, reserved only to our playtesters and to the jurors of any festival we happen to participate (like Brasil Game Show). A closed Beta is not too far away from now though, just a couple of weeks!

Expect some exciting news very soon! And well, enjoy the easter egg picture.



Long time no see readers! Quick update today:

Firstly, we are not dead, nor paralyzed. We were just a little away (or a lot in some cases). After a couple of weeks of rest and vacationing during most of July we are already back full force on Qasir. Last week we returned planning the final stages of the production phase of the project, what still needs to be done, what needs polish and etcetera. Currently the game is almost playable from start to finish, only the very last puzzles and rooms are not fully implemented and the feel of the game is near that of a finished product.

However, there are still some work left for us to do. Right now we are working on a full revamp of how we handle dialogue texts and how our main character’s monologues are presented based on feedback we received from players of our Alpha these past few weeks. This is our major feature to finish for this week and for the next build of the game, which will be submitted to the Brasil Game Show. After that our milestones will be related to making the game a finished, polished product, adding the necessary features to reach this goal.

Well, this was a quick one. See ya soon.

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