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So we are back to work! And back to classes at Uni! After a month of vacation, some trips and field-researches (of which I will talk later on) it’s time to go back to the good and loved Adugan projects and the not so loved but necessary classes. Great.


Two days ago the Unis closed their doors. All of them. The education facilities are closed here in Curitiba until, they say, August’s 10th, but probably later. The reason?, you may ask, it’s the fear of Influenza A H1N1. The weather around here is terrible in the last few days, cold and moistly, and the numbers are growing fast. I should remember that I do live in an apartment in the old centre of the city, next to UFPR’s Design campus and it’s, oh!, Hospital! Yeah, the one place in Curitiba were most of the Influenza cases are being observed. By the way, that apartment is also Aduge’s Headquarters. Outside our windows it’s easy to spot people walking down the street wearing their panic (flu) masks, it’s sort of uncomfortable, to say least.

The classes are suspended and we can feel a heavy air around, but our work keep rolling. Mostly of it is being done alone, the Adugans staying comfortably at their homes, and here the beauty of the web is on our side. Tools like IRC, Google Docs, Gtalk, Gmail, SVN, Wikimedia, all of which are being used a lot during the workdays. We’ve passed through a similar situation when I was living in São Paulo and Marcel in Köln, however the funny (or not) part is that this time we’re all here in Curitiba less than 8 miles apart. I believe that at least we’ll keep our weekly meetings here in the HQs, but even if not, don’t worry, everything is just according to the schedule. This will eventually pass and we give our best wishes of hope (and good health!) to the world. This will pass. After all, we must be here to watch 2012 come.

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