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This year Brazil will host it’s first international independent games festival, BIG. It is shaping up to be a great, well organized event, and we’re thrilled with expectations! The festival will comprise of one month worth of exhibitions at an acclaimed audio-visual art museum, a much anticipated business forum, keynotes and panels with renowned guests and, of course, a prize ceremony!

Also, we are very happy to announce that Qasir al-Wasat is among its finalists, announced just last week. Our dear game was nominated for two prizes: Brazil Breakthrough, a category dedicated to emerging brazilian developers like us, and Best Narrative in the international section.

The complete list of finalists counts 19 great games, from 10 different countries! BIG will award 6 prizes - one for each categories - and you can check the complete list in our fellow Collective blog SuperBRbros [portuguese only]!

All the best!

Hello there! One week after the official announcement of Qasir Al-Wasat I’m here to present some of the wonderful feedback we had with it!

It all started with our dear Cassandra Khaw’s post over! The day after new reviews of the trailer started popping on “the internets”(sic), with‘s Stephan Martins writing our first Brazilian review on the 21st! Here is the list of original posts, so far:

Indie Games
Game Side Story
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Seand Knight IGN Blog
Indie Shelter
No Name Radio
Joven Nerd

Meanwhile, the trailer itself (if you  haven’t seen it yet pray go check it on vimeo!) is getting astonishing (at least for our humble expetations) view counts! By the time I’m writing this it’s far over 9000!

If you spot any other review please leave a comment with it, send us an email [aduge (at) adugestudio (dot) com] our tweet @aduge!

So we are back to work, rushing with the development ahead of the Beta2 release in the next few weeks, and checking our fellow entries on 2012 IGF! (we’ll post a list of the Brazilian ones very soon!)
I’ll post some sort of Art Director’s Production Diary ++ very soon! Stay in the loop!

So, what have the Adugans been doing these past 3 weeks? We’ve been working on the brand new version of Mnemons. After the Global Game Jam 2011 we striped down the prototype, identified it’s core mechanics, essential features, pros and cons, and redefined it as a Synchronous Platforming Adventure. Today we are submitting it to the South By Southwest Festival Screenburn Independent Propeller Awards by IndiePub (so I heard indies like big names).

The game is now in Alpha, which means it’s core is running healthily, the mechanics and most of the assets are there, but it has only 13 of the 28 planned levels, and you’ll be able to play with Moe and Jimmie, but not with Debbie and Andy. We’ll feed you with more news about the Festival ASAP, and hope you enjoy playing the Alpha with your friends!

You can download the game here or you can check the brand new game page instead.

Hello y’all!

We’ve reached the first night of Aduge’s 4th Strategic Planning and boy, I’m impressed! We’re productive, the mood is good and solutions come smoothly. After 3 and a half years living with my 5 goodfellas I still get impressed with the Adugan workteamenship and problem-solving capacities. Yet more impressed with how it worked today. Let me explain:

We’ve started with a retrospective since june 2007, our first Planning, reviewing the conferences we’ve attended, the trips, studies and researches we’ve done, the prizes we received, and specially, the projects we’ve started, delivered and archived. This was as much motivational due to our achievements as it was a rant on our past faults. This retrospective dictated the tone of our conversations and prepared ourselves for the next step: what Aduge is for each of us?

Almost two hours of dialogue and team dynamics explaining our expectations towards Aduge, and our personal and professional goals. As expected, specially after almost six months of forced recess, not all ideas converged at the beginning. The bright side is that in the last months we’ve reached the conclusion that well… they don’t need to. Aduge is the sum of 6 different people, and it is possible to build it according to the different wishes of those people. And at 6:00 PM one of the biggest wishes of the Adugans was coffee.

Coffeebrake done and we aim for the next step. Understanding our individual differences and planning from them we’ve done a brief revision of our organization chart. More specific decisions on this matter are to be done in one or two more days, based on the future strategies that we’re still to define, but some basic features are settled.

One more brake, this time with soda and pizza. Then we watched some inspirational episodes of Extra Credits, a weekly show by James Portnow, Daniel Floyd and Allison Theus for The Escapist. Considering their insightful words and what we’ve thinked during the whole day we moved to the most crucial point of the day: revision of our corporate values and mission statement.

It wasn’t a easy task, and to look again at the terms we’ve defined 3 years ago presented a true challenge for our mutual understanding. Surprisingly enough we’e passed the ordeal with ease. After all, a great deal of those last 3 years were invested in studies that aided us in better understanding what we’ve been looking forward and where we want to take Aduge from now on. A little change in our values and a complete rearrangement of the mission statement could seem a bit drastic, but fundamentally what we’ve done was to make it more clear and simple the same goal we always pursued: to push the boundaries of game expression.

Do you know our twitter, @aduge?
This were our latest twits:

· Dec 18 2:50PM: we’ll be out for 4 or 5 days, on our beach campus, planning the next year. starting tomorrow. #strategicplanning

· Dec 18 2:55PM: before xmas there will be some more news and a special gift for you! see ya!

I guess it sums it all for now.


Hello boys and girls!

It is a joyfull surpriese to discover a increasing number of Brazilian submissions to the 13th Indie Game Festival!  In these few days since the announcement of the full list of entries we ware able to spot no less than 10 games from Brazil!

The first one is easy, our own revisited expressiveness experiment Semblante. Next is our godchildren Studio MiniBoss‘  lovely/grim and adventurous Talbot’s Odyssey. The third known name for us in the list was Cargo Delivery, a beautiful and puzzling physics/logistics game by the Cats in the Sky. The last one already know to us was the cute and iPaddy Jules: Unboxing the World by the Sulistas.
The others we just found after a deeper look in the list and, unfortunately, I did’t got the chance to take a better look on them. Thus, I’m still not be able to write one of those savvy tag lines! But here they are: Ranch Wars by Bacon Studios, TriLinea ReAct by Tendi, Nature’s Protector Remix by FACENS, Lumaki and Freekscape - Escape from Hell both by Kidguru Studios and Bugs: Lights and Shadows by Aleph Games.

That’s it for now, hope I’ll write again soon with more intelligence on all the games! By now I suggest you take a look on them!

Indies, unite!

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