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Hello there! One week after the official announcement of Qasir Al-Wasat I’m here to present some of the wonderful feedback we had with it!

It all started with our dear Cassandra Khaw’s post over! The day after new reviews of the trailer started popping on “the internets”(sic), with‘s Stephan Martins writing our first Brazilian review on the 21st! Here is the list of original posts, so far:

Indie Games
Game Side Story
Game Set Watch
Game Dot
Seand Knight IGN Blog
Indie Shelter
No Name Radio
Joven Nerd

Meanwhile, the trailer itself (if you  haven’t seen it yet pray go check it on vimeo!) is getting astonishing (at least for our humble expetations) view counts! By the time I’m writing this it’s far over 9000!

If you spot any other review please leave a comment with it, send us an email [aduge (at) adugestudio (dot) com] our tweet @aduge!

So we are back to work, rushing with the development ahead of the Beta2 release in the next few weeks, and checking our fellow entries on 2012 IGF! (we’ll post a list of the Brazilian ones very soon!)
I’ll post some sort of Art Director’s Production Diary ++ very soon! Stay in the loop!

Hello everyone! Today we have some really exciting news for you! We are very proud to present the announcement trailer for our current project, Qasir Al-Wasat!

The game evolved a great deal during the past few weeks, and it is possible to say it is, for the most part, complete. We now begin one of the most enjoyable parts of the development: polishing the game until it shines. =)

So what where the latest features added to the project?

We have many new levels, including some secret areas we are very excited about.

We also worked on an improvement over our text/dialog system, to make it more active for the player. We are still testing it, but it seems to be a promising feature.

The rest was hard work with heavy bugfixing, tests and asset building.

We hope you enjoy the trailer!
If you like it, please donate and help us deliver the game:​qasirdonate

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