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Just a quick update for everyone: you can now download the soundtrack of Mnemons as a single track which encompasses all of the game’s ambiances (and variations). If you like Mnemons’ music, be sure to check it out.

And as you can see, we are changing our colors again. This means… something is coming soon.


As promised before, we are releasing today a new build of Mnemons’ alpha. This is the last build we will release of Mnemons in a long time and, I’m not gonna lie, probably ever. March 14th we will be dropping steadily our work and support on Mnemons and Semblante and we will start from scratch a brand new project.

Download Mnemons Alpha (0.2)

These are the changes from the last version:

*    Music on the hub should be working properly now.
*    Fixed a problem with the music loop on certain stages.
*    Added different graphic settings for the game:
**    F1 for Best settings: this is the regular graphics settings with lowest performance, which needs a good video card to run smoothly. It’s the default mode.
**    F2 for Better settings: this mode removes some graphical effects, improving performance. Mid-range to budget graphics cards can run this mode smoothly.
**    F3 for Good settings: this mode removes all shaders and graphical effects. Use it if you have an IGP or legacy cards that can’t run the game properly even on the previous mode.
**    You can change the graphics settings at any time during the game or at the main menu. The changes only takes effect when you change stages, however.
*    Up to 46% performance improvement on all of the aforementioned modes by using a new rendering method for the Lethe, which means that if the game only slowed down on stages 1-6, 1-7 and 3-2, it will probably run smoothly now even on Best settings.
*    Added a brand new stage: 3-3.
*    Small fixes on stages 1-7 and 2-4. They should be less challenging now.
*    And some other small fixes…

And, oh yes! The image of this post is a wallpaper from our Mnemons Wallpaper Pack! Grab yours now!


Just a quick update: we are officially listed on IndieDB which is probably the best game database for indie games on the web today. Also both Mnemons and Semblante have their own pages.

In other news, we are wrapping things up here and both Mnemons and Semblante will have their final (for now) builds. We are preparing a series of posts for both games, detailing aspects of their brief development (both were developed in a 3 week time-frame). Expect the final builds to be released by the end of the week and the posts following soon thereafter.

So, what have the Adugans been doing these past 3 weeks? We’ve been working on the brand new version of Mnemons. After the Global Game Jam 2011 we striped down the prototype, identified it’s core mechanics, essential features, pros and cons, and redefined it as a Synchronous Platforming Adventure. Today we are submitting it to the South By Southwest Festival Screenburn Independent Propeller Awards by IndiePub (so I heard indies like big names).

The game is now in Alpha, which means it’s core is running healthily, the mechanics and most of the assets are there, but it has only 13 of the 28 planned levels, and you’ll be able to play with Moe and Jimmie, but not with Debbie and Andy. We’ll feed you with more news about the Festival ASAP, and hope you enjoy playing the Alpha with your friends!

You can download the game here or you can check the brand new game page instead.

… a Synchronous Platforming Adventure.

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