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Ontem foi o terceiro aniversário da Aduge!!!

With one meter high and directly from the under-meta-world comes this soft blue creature. It’s mission is not known, but all the creatures that have come to his path know it is quite fast and has a dark sense of humor. We may add it also has a quite flexible moral. This little creature is not a Pokémon (and will probably hurt you a lot if you dare to compare him to one). It attends by the name of Bichinho, and has more girlfriends than you ever dreamed of.

Although not originally created for this purpose, Bichinho is the main character of project Cedilha. It has gathered many fans, probably because of the combination between a cute and smiling appearance, and a definitely strong personality. We would like to enjoy the opportunity, and make a quick interview with Mr. Bichinho. (we’ll be having automatic translation)

Ghost Board: How do you feel being so loved and desired?

Bichinho: Meh, I don’t really care. As long as people don’t get into my way, they can desire me as much as they want.

GB: In which Olympic sport would you like to take part?

Bichinho: Any. /me love sports. With the right uniform I can do anything.

GB: But then, wouldn’t you be Kirby?

- The interview had to be interrupted, as our interviewer had to be changed and taken immediately to the surgery room. We quickly replaced him by another. -

GB: Our readers would like to know what inspires you to keep running through the levels.

Bichinho: Have you ever asked yourself where you came from? I’m sure I’ll find something at the end of all this.

GB: Do you feel bad, or what do you feel when people think you’re a pokemon?

- We gave up. Two interviewers in one day is way too much. -

(This interview was brought to you by Ingrid Skare, casually known as Night-Fox, or simply as Fox. Ingrid is Cedilha level designer, but is now busy learning pixel art.)

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