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Welcome back dear readers. Today we bring another great news.

After 16 long months of hard work and much hardships, Qasir al-Wasat is finally ready for release. It took us a long time, much longer than what we expected, but it is here! Qasir al-Wasat will be offically released August 31st 2012! We thank everyone who pre-ordered for your support and patience. For those who didn’t, there is still time to pre-order the game with the promotional price of $7.49.

So, next weekend, get ready to explore the wondrous palace of Qasir al-Wasat and unearth its mysteries! Hope you all enjoy it!

  1. Ronaldo
    2012.08.25 17h31

    A versão em português já está pronta?

  2. Ingrid Skare
    2012.08.25 17h31

    oi Ronaldo!
    A versão em português sairá depois do lançamento, pois vamos começar a tradução agora.

  3. Spbm10
    2012.08.25 17h31

    Gente! Postem Esse jogo no Steam Greenlight. Tanto pra ele ser mais conhecido quanto para uma chance dele ser disponibilizado no Steam! Muito bom jogo. Votaria e compraria

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