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Aduge Studio is an independent game developer from Curitiba - Brazil, formed by a team of 6 friends. We are united under the common goal of pushing the boundaries of game expression, working with the meaning and the potential of this medium to transform the player through reflection.

Our future plans are to conclude some games, including Semblante, Mnemons and Tsar Project, all of them of different size and scope. In the next couple of years we want to conclude them all in order to understand what is, de facto, an Aduge game.

The Aduge Studio’s members are:

Anderson Vermonde
vermonde at
Our Lead Programmer and packing an unorthodox taste for music.

Bruno Bulhões
brunobulhoes at
The Creative Director and jack-of-all-trades, loves pointing out that all “original” ideas were already invented.

“Beto” Thiago Alves
beto at
Game Designer that once in a while goes to sleep wearing his soviet gas mask.

Ingrid Skare
ingridskare at
Writer, healer and an apprentice coffee connoisseur.

Marcel Pace
marcelpace at
Our “laid back” Producer, urban cyclist, drummer and designer.

“Pirin” Mauricio Perin Maperns
maperns at
Visual Art Director and a bit too much of a raven aficionado.

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